DBennett Pottery
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Photo Gallery 
Here are some examples of our latest work. Most pottery is fired in Blue/Green, Red, White and Black. Any questions, please contact us.
Potpourri Vase
Small • Large
 Small  • Large
Rice Bowls 
2 bowls, 2pr of sticks
Decorative Bowl 
Fruit Pedestal 

Bubble Vase 
Small • Medium • Large •  Jumbo

Pedestal  Vase/Chiller

Texture Vase
Medium • Large • Jumbo
Circle Recycled Glass Platter

V-Shaped Vase/Chiller
Candy Dish
Glazes come out slightly different in each kiln load
Recycled Glass Necklaces
Mixing Bowl

3PC Canister Set
Variety of Mugs
Small Shallow Bowl
2PC Nesting Bowl Set
Lidded Potpourri Vase
Wobble Vase
9PC Tile • 18.5x18.5 in.
12PC Tile • 16.5x12.5 in.
8PC Tile • 16.5x8.5 in.
5PC Tile • 6x31 in.
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