DBennett Pottery
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Daniel Bennett, Artist
Hello, I'm Daniel. I'm the owner of DBennett Pottery. What that boils down to is...I make pots! Owner just sounds better. My main priority is to make sure we don't run out of inventory so make, make, make is my middle name. I then have to wax, glaze and stain plus twice fire the kiln for each piece. Also, I'm in charge of maintenance and new ideas for the booth. Then there's actually traveling to the shows, setting up, breaking down and reloading. It's alot, but it is so worth it. 
Teisha Bennett, Co-Artist 
Hi, I'm Teisha. I'm the business side of DBennett Pottery. Mostly that means paper work for me. However, you will surely see me at most of the fairs with Dan. I help set up, oversee the design of the artwork pieces in the booth and break down. Did I mention I actually drive the big blue beast (22' long sprinter van) as well. I do help out in the studio as well - doing anything I can to help other than throwing on the wheel! I just can't get that bizzare machine down yet. 
About DBennett Pottery
As a ceramic artist, I have found my home with wheel-thrown stoneware. Upon graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts with an emphasis in Ceramics, I have gotten my hands dirty with clay for over a decade now. 

DBennett Pottery is family-owned and operated right here in Rushville, MO. Our works are unique and totally handmade. My current work is created primariy using the potters wheel and slab roller then adding texture. The work is twice fired in a propane downdraft kiln, first after the piece has been built and again after the staining and glazing. I make all of my own glazes and stain from scratch. The oxidation and reduction from my kiln that I built, reacts with my glazes in appealing ways to achieve their finished appearances.  
I like making pottery that people can bring into their homes and use or just to enjoy. To me, both features serve a function, the enrichment of people's lives.
My  inspiration comes from the surroundings that I have grown up around and learned to love. There are many rugged trees, hills and rolling creeks; which lend to my emphasizing the contrast of rough textures and smooth curved surfaces in my work. I also strive for my pieces to have an earthy yet elegant look, but also be functional as all things in nature. 
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